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Shamanic Healing

Contact Ruth for availability see below

A 1:1 is completely personal to you. Created, so any woman can come and be heard, seen and empowered. Wherever you are on your healing journey this is for you.

We sit together and create a safer space for you to be heard. I listen with an open, non judgemental heart. We then move on to whatever energy work, shamanic journeying, past life or meditation work your higher self, ancestors and guides show us you need.  

Ultimately I aim for this to be an empowering space, where you can reclaim you. 


"I have had the privilege to share my healing journey with Ruth. She is a warm, heart centred person capable
of great empathy and compassion in a safe and secure environment.  She has been instrumental in allowing me
to open myself up to the remarkable healing I have experienced from her expert knowledge and encouragement.
When I look back on my journey and how far I have come I have much
to thank her for. It is a privilege to have her in my life and I am forever grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending
her services,  prepare to be amazed."


£55 for 90 minutes.

Me dark mooning in the offices today. Gi

Sunday 8th August 10-5

Restful Retreat Day


A day long retreat for you to learn more about what your guides & your body is showing you you need for your greatest good.
Resting is an art form, and there are ways we can work with it to allow us to flow more effortlessly through life.

We will be utilising meditation, breathwork, ritual and more to really relax and rest you after this life changing year.

A delicious and healthy lunch will be provided, as will drinks and snacks.

Everyone welcome. 
Cost can be split into manageable monthly payment. 


Booking link below.

Me dark mooning in the offices today. Gi

Coming Soon

Massage, Alignment, Acupuncture 

Simone is a well trained and experienced therapist. She holds a degree in Healing Arts, is certified in Acupuncture, Muscle Activation, Basic EMMET, Indian Head Massage, Dancing for Birth and is a Reiki Master.

Simone offers everything from basic relaxation massage to diagnostic appraisals and has had a lot of success finding solutions to both chronic and acute conditions in her 20 year practice.

Working with an eclectic array of healing modalities we find the 'language' that can translate what your system is asking for into accessible information and activity.

£20 per half hour, 1 hour slots or half hour slots available.


Simone Gilliatt

07960 499894

Coming Soon


Goddess Astrology

In this workshop we will be looking at the Sun in the horoscope.
Goddess Astrology uses female archetypes to describe the zodiac,

Women centred, woman powered and woman orientated.

The day will be a mixture of exercises, talking and guided imagery
taking a deep look at the symbolism of the Sun in our birth chart.
*when booking please give the time (if possible), place and date of birth so we can draw up your chart.

Bring a dish or snack to share with everyone for lunch. Teas and drinks provided.

About Elisabeth:

Medical Herbalist and Astrologer.

A Woman’s Book of Herbs, 1992, The Women’s Press.
Women Healers Through History, 1993, The Women’s Press
A Woman’s Book of Shadows, 1993, The Women’s Press
Herbal Therapy for Women, 1993, Thorsens,
Medicine Women, 1994, The Crossing Press.
Forthcoming: (Jan 2019), As Above, so below: Traditional European Medical practice, Aeon Books."
pic by Kachan Mahon


Elisabeth Brooke


Fri 25th June 6pm-9pm

Grow Your Own Fungi
Booking Here

What we will cover in class:
What even are mushrooms, exactly?
How mushrooms grow
What role mushrooms have in our environment
Easy, effective, and cheap ways to grow mushrooms at home
How to grow in small spaces
How to get the most out of your mushroom grows
Fruiting Chambers
Troubleshooting and common pitfalls to avoid
About your teacher:
A food activist & farmer, I have over 15 years of experience in growing food and developing food systems. My passion for growing food blossomed into a career when I started my own ecological & ethical business - Upcycled Mushrooms.
I now consult with farms to create sustainable growing solutions, using systems which limit the energy required for fungi cultivation whilst also recycling natural waste materials from the local area into food to feed fungi. Through Upcycled Mushrooms, I provide rare local-origin strains of fungi for other growers and a range of workshops & courses on how to grow edible mushrooms. I also developed the UK’s first ready to fruit “grow your own” Lion’s Mane mushroom kits.

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14th & 15th August 

Where are your Boundaries?


A 2 day workshop covering all of the information available in the online course for those who prefer to practise this work in a group. 

We will be: 

- Creating a safer container, sat in circle.

- Learning about what boundaries are and the spectrum of boundaries (it's not all about saying no, often it's about softening). 

- Practise recognising what a 'Yes' and what a 'No' feels like. 

- Find your sovereignty. 

- Physically finding your centre from where you can find your boundaries. 

- Trauma and boundaries.

- Meditation to mourn for your lost boundaries.

- Giving and receiving. 

- Relationships and boundaries.

- Communicating boundaries. 

- Energetic & spiritual boundaries.

And more! 

This amazing, life changing work is £125 for both days.

See below to book. 

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Coming Soon

Holistic Practitioner Networking Event

A networking and affiliate meet up monthly for us to practice this new way of working. No one is in competition we are all in collaboration with each other. Knowing each other, supporting each other, joining together we will be stronger.


Each month we may have one of us giving a talk or an example of their practice or what they are in process with currently. We will have a circle to get to know each other and also to hear all about each other’s practice.With the aim that we can then recommend each other’s work to clients, use each other as practitioners and make a gorgeous community.


All suggestions welcome as to how we structure the meet ups.Important that you book so we can send out directions.


Cost: just donations please into the tea fund!

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July 25th 

Shamanic Drum Journeying

Morning: Beginners

A half day of drum journeying. We will sit in circle, and learn about drum journeying. The when we feel confident and have worked on our intentions for the journeys we will go on 3 or 4 drum journeys to see what you need to see, find answers, peace and healing. 
Open to anyone who wants to learn how to journey to the Shamanic realms. 


Beginners Booking Link Here

Afternoon: Advanced
For anyone who has journeyed before. A half day of drum journeying. We will sit in circle, and share our intentions for the session, building confidentiality into our circle. Then when we feel confident and have worked on our intentions for the journeys we will go on 3 or 4 drum journeys to see what you need to see, find answers, peace and healing. 

Advanced Booking Link Here

Open to anyone. 

We will be lay on the floor for the journey, if you need to you can sit in a chair. 

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Saturday 9th Oct 10-5

Psychopomp Workshop: Learning to work with spirits to heal and pass them over. 

If you find yourself often exhausted and foggy after visiting historic places or anywhere really! You may well have your psychic headlight on, attracting the spirits to you because they know you can help them. We can help you tune into this ability and understand it so you can be of service. 

We will be sat in circle to learn about Psychopomp, the art of working with the spirits of the dead to help them on their passage. You will find your intuition grows, your boundaries strengthen and your understanding of life and death greatly deepens. 

Everyone welcome with an interest in this work, no experience necessary. 

Bring a dish to share for lunch. 


Booking link below

Contact me to spread the cost of your payment.

Me dark mooning in the offices today. Gi

Coming Soon

Restorative Yoga

Be still, turn inwards and allow yourself to rest with this gentle Restorative Yoga Class

6.30-8.00pm @ The Wellness Space, Moreton HR6 0DP

Restorative Yoga is a practice of consciously turning your attention inwards to slow down the breath and quieten body and mind.  This 90 minute class presents you with an opportunity to nurture yourself and create space to get connected to your inner stillness. Restorative yoga uses passively held poses supported by blankets and cushions to allow the body and mind to stop holding tension. The focus is on slowing down, softening and letting go through gentle movement, breath work,  meditation and supported poses.
Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Props and mats provided but feel free to bring your own mat and a blanket, and anything else you may need for your warmth and comfort.

Cost £10 per class or recommended to block book dates: 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st March for £32

Spaces are limited. Please contact me for further details

Best wishes, Sophie

Sophie Atkinson
Massage, Coaching, Yoga & Decluttering
Mob:  07930 353 118



Sophie Atkinson

07930 353 118