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The Wellness Space is a place where you can get a well deserved break from everyday life. You, your health and wellbeing, are central to everything in your life, and everything flourishes when you find that 'thing' to support you, be that your Mind, Body or Spirit.  

We  utilize a broad selection of methods offering therapy, guidance and support for your journey through life. Shiatsu and massage, acupuncture and acupressure, energy work, yoga, meditation and shamanic healing are just some of the things on offer. Please have a look at our 'Practitioners' section for more details about some of the therapists available. And the What's On section for all information of what's on over the coming months. 

As well as individual sessions we offer a selection of workshops and one to two day long retreats throughout the year. Each will have a specific focus but will combine a selection of practices that you can carry with you into your daily life. Please see our 'Workshops' section for more details and to book your place.



Me dark mooning in the offices today. Gi
Ruth Cato

Shamanic Healer. Teacher of the Women's Mysteries. Medium. Past life & ancestoral healing. Dark Moon Circles and Transformation Coach. 

Considering her very esoteric set of practices Ruth is extremely down to earth and incorporates very modern practices of self love, trauma awareness and psychotherapy into her work.


Incredible results from clients over the last few years have made her work extremly popular.


1:1 sessions are available as well as workshops throughout the year.


A 1:1 session is 90 minutes long and incorporates trauma awareness, deep listening, zero judgement together with shamanic practices of letting go of energy/ past life memories/ ancestoral trauma that no longer serves you, while fully embracing who that has made you. Then a retrieval section, bringing back those things that have been lost to you, this could be using a shamanic drum journey, breathwork, meditation or reiki based energy work. 



Simone Gilliatt

A highly recommended practitioner Simone has been working with therapies for around 20 years. She has a degree in Healing Arts with Dance and has continued to study and explore techniques for translating energetic, physical and emotional expressions into accessible forms.

She uses talk, touch, reflection and resonance to help you feel well. 

Her main modalities are acupuncture, diagnostic and relief based, massage, postural alignment and energy recall (similar to cranio sacral work).

In sessions she aims to get you clearly communicating with yourself so that you don't have to fight or be in pain in order to be heard.


Sophie Atkinson

Sophie is a Wellbeing Therapist and works with Massage, Yoga, Coaching and also Decluttering to help clients reclaim their inner (and sometimes outer) spaciousness.   


As a Yoga teacher she qualified with Yoga Alliance Certification 200 hours Vinyasa. Since qualifying she has gone on to train with Norman Blair and Sarah Lo in Yin Yoga and Anna Ashby in Restorative Yoga.  As a bodyworker and yoga teacher, Sophie believes passionately that the body and breath are our gateways to a deeper inner connection with oneself, and ultimately with others. 


In a Restorative Yoga class you can expect to find long-held (usually floor) poses that are fully supported by props such as bolsters and blankets.  The emphasis is on a natural breath, with slow gentle stretches that calm and quieten the nervous system and bring about a relaxed, grounded and centred state of being.  


Sophie will be teaching a regular Restorative Yoga at The Wellness Space from March 2020. 





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